Unique Adidas Glitch 18 Berlin, London & Paris City Boot Skins Released

Adidas today launched the second city collection for its interchangeable Glitch football boot. The new Adidas Glitch 18 City Skin pack brings us three new city-inspired designs for the three cities in that the Glitch is available (Berlin, London and Paris).

Adidas Glitch 18 City Skin Pack

This is the new Adidas Glitch Paris city skin boot (pictures via Footpack).

The Adidas Glitch City Berlin, London & Paris Skin soccer cleats boast unique designs. On the heel is the name of each boot (e.g. London Skin) as well as the individual number of each pair (100 pairs of each skin are available).

Tech-wise, the Adidas Glitch 18 City Skins are the same as ever. The Adidas Glitch football boot consists of a skin and a fitting inner shoe and features a ultra-lightweight laceless synthetic upper.

Adidas Glitch City Skin - Berlin

Adidas Glitch City Skin - London

Adidas Glitch Skin - Paris

The Adidas Glitch Berlin, London & Paris City Skin pack boots are limited to 100 pairs, respectively. They are available exclusively via the Adidas Glitch app.

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