Adidas Boost Copy? Next-Gen Puma Future Netfit 2019 Sneakers Leaked

The lifestyle edition of Puma's next-gen Future Netfit 2019 boots features a sole that looks an awful lot like Adidas' famous Boost.

Next Next Gen Puma Future Netfit 2019 Boots Leaked

There's of course a back story to this. Prior to working with Adidas, chemical company BASF collaborated with Puma who have been in a legal battle with Adidas about the tech for years. You can read more about it over at The Fashion Law.

Puma Future 19.1 Netfit - Red / Bright Blue

This image shows the Puma Future 2019 Netfit sneaker.

Based on the FG launch colorway that will drop in December, the next-gen Puma Future 19.1 Netfit shoes are all-red with blue brandings. The Boost-like midsole is white, while the outsole is semi-translucent and also blue.

The sneakers have a knit upper with the trademark Netfit tech of course featuring as well. All of this its on a pretty massive midsole which should provide plenty of comfort and support.

Did Puma copy Adidas Boost with this one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.