5 Next-Gen Adidas Glitch 2.0 World Cup Pack Boots Released

After a number of players have been showcasing different new Adidas Glitch skins recently, the entire Adidas Glitch collection for the World Cup has been released on Tuesday. Thanks to 11teamsports for most of the images.

The Adidas Glitch 2 Russia 2018 pack is split between two themes: two skins inspired by Russia and three 'patriotic skins' for the three Adidas Glitch countries: England, France and Germany. 11teamsports' article mentions a US skin as well although it's not shown and might have been discarded due to failure to qualify for the cup.

Paulo Dybala (Argentina), Presnel Kimpembe and Benjamin Mendy (both France) will wear the Adidas Glitch boot in the 2018 World Cup.

Adidas Glitch 2.0 World Cup Patriotic Skins




Adidas Glitch 2.0 World Cup Russian Skins

The Adidas Glitch Russian skins, worn by Paulo Dybala and Benjamin Mendy recently combine the most eye-catching colors with traditional Russian art techniques. The red colorway is inspired by the Chochloma, a traditional Russian painting technique, while the blue colorway draws inspiration from the iconic Basil Cathedral in Moscow.

Adidas Glitch 2 Features

It turns out that Adidas has finally decided to give the Glitch a more general update, introducing the second gen, called Adidas Glitch 2.0. Both parts of the modular model, inner shoe and skin, have undergone several changes.

The inner shoe has been improved in order to allow for easier getting in and out of the boot. Additionally, the lock down was improved with a new Techfit cage construction.

The outer skins, meanwhile, have been made a bit more elastic in order to provide a more enjoyable experience for players with wide feet. There have been additional tweaks towards easing getting in and out here as well.

The Adidas Glitch 2 World Cup skins are available to buy in the Glitch app from 12 June.

Let's hear your thoughts on this 5-skin Adidas Glitch World Cup pack in the comments below.