Bielefeld 18-19 Home & Away Kits Released

Arminia Bielefeld and Joma today revealed the club's new 2018-2019 home shirt in unusual fashion, putting it on the iconic Leineweber statue in the city. Shortly afterwards, both the home and away kits were launched in a more traditional manner. Thanks to Jonas for the pictures.

Bielefeld 18-19 Home Kit

This is the Joma Arminia Bielefeld 2018-19 home shirt.

The Arminia Bielefeld 2018-19 home shirt is more understated than last year's design. Predominantly blue, it features black-white striping along the sides and on the shoulders.

Arminia Bielefeld 18-19 Away Kit

This is the Arminia Bielefeld 2018-2019 away shirt.

Based on the same template, the Bielefeld 2018-19 away jersey is predominantly black with the same tricolor applications on the shoulders and on the sides.

Let's hear your thoughts on the new Arminia Bielefeld home and away shirts in the comments below.