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Here Is Why Yussuf Poulsen Wears Yurary On Kit in the 2018 World Cup

Yesterday evening, Yussuf Poulsen scored the only goal in the 2018 World Cup clash between Denmark and Peru. You might have wondered why the shirt of the striker feature the name Yurary instead of Poulsen, which he uses in German Bundesliga matches.

Yussuf Poulsen Wears Yurary Shirt in Honor of Late Father

Yussuf Poulsen's shirt features the name Yurary in honor of his father Shihe Yurary, who died of cancer in 1999. Poulsen's full name is Yussuf Yurary Poulsen.

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"That was bad for me and my family," recalled Yussuf Poulsen, one of a total of 64 Bundesliga players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, some time ago when his father died in 1999. "We had to learn without him to live. Today, I connect every game with him with the surname Yurary on the jersey. "

After the World Cup match against Peru, Poulsen revealed that he had also planned wear a kit with the name Yurary for RB Leipzig: "When I came to Leipzig, I asked if I could have 'Yurary' on the jersey. Having signed the contract, they had already printed the 'Poulsen' jerseys."