Insane - Russia Change Socks Because Of Immense FIFA 2018 World Cup Kit Rules

If you watched yesterday's 201 World Cup match between Russia and Egypt, you might have noticed that Russia used red socks instead of the red-white-blue ones Adidas designed for the nation and that were used in the 2018 World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia. This was neither an error nor happened by accident but because of FIFA's quite insane kit rules...

Russia Uses Special All-Red Socks Because Red-White-Blue Socks 'Clash' With White Egypt Socks

The almost sure reason for Russia not using their bespoke socks was that they would have clashed with the white socks of Egypt's kits because of the small amount of white on the top, at least according to FIFA's 2018 World Cup kit rules.

As we revealed some months ago, kit makers must adhere to a 104-page FIFA's Equipment Regulation guide when designing kits for competitions such as the World Cup.

In Detail - FIFA's 2018 World Cup Kit Rules Are Immense

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