Nike India 2018 Kits Revealed

After we leaked what were supposed to be the new India 2018-2019 home and away kits some months ago, the All India Football Federation launched the Nike away kit, worn by its national team in the 2018 SAFF Cup.

Strangely enough, India wore their old home kit in the 2018 SAFF Cup. There is no info if the leaked white, orange and green jersey will be ever released, or if it is the home kit / a special kit.

India 2018 Away Kit

This is the India 2018 away jersey.

The India 2018 away shirt introduces a clean and modern look. It's predominantly orange with a purple Swoosh on the right chest and a tricolor neck tape.

India 2018 Home / Special / Prototype Kit

The second Nike India 2018 jersey is much more exciting. Based on the same template, it features a orange-green sash, constructed of small horizontal stripes, from the upper left to lower right side.

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