Closer Look: Special Adidas Copa Mundial Boots for 2018 World Cup Referees

With the World Cup well underway, you'll have noticed that the referees in action in Russia these days are sporting a classy special edition of Adidas Copa Mundial football boots.

The reason Adidas created the special Copa Mundial cleats is to the celebrate the iconic model's 10th World Cup appearance since their debut in Spain 1982.

The boots are almost entirely black with a white outsole and a golden FIFA World Cup 2018 logo on the heel. There's more gold trim present in the form of stitching details on the lateral 3 Stripes as well as the heel panel.

Exclusive to the referees called up to the World Cup, not all of them opted to lace up in the special-edition boots at the tournament so far, with Gianluca Rocchi opting for a pair of Copa Gloros instead, for example.

Let's hear your thoughts on the boots worn by the referees at the World Cup in the comments down below.

Pictures via @nthn_thompson, thanks to Carli for the heads-up!