Whose Kits Are Better? Adidas vs Nike 2018 National Team Kits

Over the past few weeks and months, Adidas and Nike unveiled the new kits for all of their sponsored national teams. With almost every release, there is a debate about the design and the brand that designed the jersey.

We want to compare Adidas' and Nike's 2018 national team kits, revealing that both brands have release some awesome and some not so great kits. But which brand made the better kits in overall?

Adidas vs Nike National Team Jerseys

Adidas (12) and Nike (10) make the jerseys for more than two-third of all nations qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

Both Adidas and Nike have released some really stunning kits, e.g. the Germany 2018 World Cup away kit by Adidas and the Nigeria 2018 World Cup away kit by Nike. However, there are also many jerseys that are rather boring (Nike Nigeria away kit, Adidas Morocco 2018 World Cup jersey).

Nike's kits are most often criticized for being too plane and to look almost identical (e.g. Indonesia, Saudi Arabia), while the biggest concern with Adidas' kits is that they are often based on the exactly same yet remarkable template. In fact, Adidas gave more than six national teams a jersey with the same design (based on the Adidas Condivo 18 template).

Some of Adidas' 2018 national team kits

Anyhow, for us, Nike has given more national teams unique looking uniforms and wins the battle for us. So, in example, New Zealand, Malaysia and Slovakia received bespoke kits, while smaller nations sponsored by Adidas did not receive a bespoke kit at all (e.g. Northern Ireland, Wales, Morocco, Algeria).

Some of Nike's 2018 national team kits

Another important difference is that Nike also designed bespoke jersey fonts and pre-match jerseys for many teams, while all Adidas teams will have the same kit font and very similar pre-match jerseys in Russia.

Adidas or Nike? Whose kits are better? Share your thoughts in the comments below.