Not Stolen by Juventus Anymore? All-New Pordenone Calcio 2018 Logo Revealed

Italian Serie C club Pordenone Calcio recently revealed a new crest for 2018 and beyond.

New Pordenone Calcio 2018 Logo

This is the new Pordenone Calcio 2018 crest.

A modern and simplistic look, the new Pordenone Calcio 2018 logo features a stylized "P" and the colors of the city emblem, black and green. The waves of the Noncello river are represnted with three curly lines.

The new Pordenone Calcio 2018 logo is totally different to the previous crest that was originally released 2005 and modernized in 2014. The previous crest had a lot in common with Juventus' old logo (it was revealed one year after Juventus presented their back then new club crest).

The club made some jokes about the of their previous 'stolen' logo that featured obvious similarities to Juventus' logo ahead of the launch of the new logo.

Ahead of the reveal of the new logo, the club posted a picture with different logos 'inspired' by big Italian clubs with the caption: "And this time of which team we were inspired? We leave the choice to you!".

What do you think of the new Pordenone Calcio 2018 crest? Comment below.
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