England To Be In All-White - 2018 World Cup Semi-Final Kit Match-Ups

Update: The complete kit match-ups of the 2018 World Cup semi-final have been revealed. France will be in all navy, Croatia will wear red socks. The goalkeeper and referee kits have been also disclosed.

In the past few days, FIFA made the headlines because of the very strict interpretation of their non-coincidence of colors. Now it has been revealed that FIFA has yet again made a quite odd decision as both Brazil and Costa Rica will use their away kits in tomorrow's 2018 World Cup match.

France & Belgium to Wear Home Kits

Both France and Belgium will wear their home kits in the 2018 World Cup semi-final. France will be all-blue, while Belgium will wear all-red.

Croatia To Use Away Jersey in 2018 World Cup Match Against All-White England

Croatia will use their away kit in the 2018 World Cup match against England, who will wear white shirts, shorts and socks. It is the fifth time in six matches that Croatia uses their away kit (they only used their home kit in the first 2018 World Cup match against Nigeria so far).

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