Falkirk 18-19 Home and Away Kits Released

The Scottish Championship football club Falkirk about a month ago released their 2018-2019 home and away kits. The new Falkirk 18-19 kits again made by Puma and feature bespoke designs.

Falkirk 18-19 Home Kit

This is the new Falkirk 18-19 Home Kit.

The new Falkirk 18-19 home kit is dark blue with the white collar and white cuffs. On the chest, there is a stylish light blue pattern of the Falkirk Steeple which mirroring crest.

Falkirk 18-19 Away Kit

This is the new Falkirk 18-19 Away Kit.

The new Falkirk 18-19 away kit is predominantly yellow with the black collar, cuffs, and stripes between them. As the home kit, on the chest of the away shirt, there is a picture of the Falkirk Steeple.

What do you think of the new Falkirk 18-19 kits? Drop us a line below.
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