Stunning Nike Ronaldinho R10 2018 Collection Released

Nike has released a stylish collection inspired by the Ronaldinho 2018 indoor and turf football boots for the Summer.

White / Gold Nike TiempoX Ronaldinho 'Barcelona' Boots Released

10R Logo T-Shirt - White

White with Ronaldinho's logo on the front, the Nike 10R Logo shirt is eye-catching.

10R Repeat T-Shirt - Black

A luxurious look, the Nie 10R Repeat shirt is black with small 10s and golden logos.

10R Hoodie - Black

The Nike Ronaldinho Hoodie is black with an anthracite R10 logo and golden writing "Eu jogo com música na cabeça" ( I play with music in my head) on the upper part.

10R Logo T-Shirt - White - Kids

The Kids Nike 10R Ronaldinho shirt features a graphic of Ronaldinho's trademark celebration on the front.

10R Logo T-Shirt - Red - Kids

The Nike 10R Logo Kids t-shirt is also available in red, black and golden.

What do you think of the Nike R10 2018-2019 collection? Let us know in the comments below.
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