Adidas Introduces Two-Part Sock System For 2018-19 Kits Instead of Conventional Socks - Here is Why

In the past, many players cut their socks in order to wear their own, preferred socks. Now the Three Stripes brand Adidas has changed the sock system for their authentic jerseys to avoid player to cut off their socks. Thanks to @footpack for the images.

Authentic Adidas 2018-2019 Kit Socks Feature Very Clever Two-Part System

The new authentic Adidas 2018 socks have a unique two-part construction that includes both grippy base socks plus supportive sleeves. So Adidas is providing players with two parts for the socks - a higher part with the design of the jersey for the calves and a lower part for the feet.

In fact, the two-part sock system was already introduced in late 2017 for the 2018 World Cup national team kits. We first reported about the new authentic socks in early 2018 after the MLS kit launches. Other Adidas teams also received the two-part socks.

Nike does not offer two-part socks yet.

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