REVEALED: Here's What Inspired the Nike 18-19 Third Kits

Nike introduced the concept of 'global' third kits back in 2014-15. After four seasons of relatively templated efforts, the company felt that it was time for a change.

This is evidenced by the brand-new Nike 18-19 third kits, which, while sharing a common theme, feature quite distinct designs. All of them boast a graphic showing a map of the club's home city or neighborhood and, on top of that, design cues were taken from iconic jerseys of the past.

First spotted by the great guys over at La Casaca, let's take a look at what inspired the Nike 2018-2019 third kits for the likes of Barcelona, Manchester City, Tottenham and more.

Atlético Madrid

The Atlético Madrid 2018-2019 third uniform features a trident graphic paying homage to the Fountain of Neptune where the Colchoneros traditionally celebrate their titles with the fans.

The base of the design is an aerial map of Madrid, which is distorted through the famous stripes of the Atlético jersey. This marks the location of the fountain.


The Chelsea 18-19 third kit features a dynamic textural print on the shirt’s center that seems to be a contemporary pattern at first glance, but upon closer inspection transforms into an aerial depiction of Stamford Bridge and its surrounding area.

Chelsea 18-19 Third Kit


Galatasaray's 2018-2019 third kit features a Bosporus-inspired design.


Inter Milan's 2018-2019 third jersey is formed by Milan’s iconic Duomo, along with its famous marble floors. The kit is really "steeped in local heritage and history."

“We feel this kit is rich in Inter DNA,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “The Duomo and the St. George cross are Milanese icons and mean a lot to the Inter supporters. This kit is about Inter’s identity and paying tribute to the city and the people they represent.”

The Internazionale 18-19 third kit kit features a distorted map of Milan's city center within a swirling marbled graphic. The pattern surrounds a thick, dark gray cross, which is a reference to the Cross of St. George, a powerful Milanese symbol found on the city’s coat of arms. For a final flourish, the famous blue of Inter’s home shirt makes an appearance in the form of a blue Swoosh and club crest.

Inter 18-19 Third Kit

Manchester City

The sash has been a prominent feature of many Manchester City away and third kits throughout the years and was most recently used on the special 'Champions' shirt released at the end of last season.

Manchester City 18-19 Third Kit

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham's third kit is inspired by the club's North London district and the iconic classic Spurs Hummel kit from 1978.

Tottenham 18-19 Third Kit


The rich and unique history of the "Eternal City" is at the heart of AS Roma’s new 2018-19 third kit.

“For 2018-19, our third kits have been exploring the cities these clubs represent, and in the case of Rome, what really makes it special is this long and colorful history, full of myth and legend,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “We really wanted to delve into that and do it justice with this design.”

That includes a series of aerial map views of key moments in Roman history, from ancient times to present, to form a distinctive pattern for the fiery gold jersey.

For the Roma shirt, Nike has also (very subtly) put the iconic 'Lupetto' crest in the design - highlighted by us.

Roma 18-19 Third Kit


Barcelona 18-19 Third Kit

The Barcelona 18-19 third kit is inspired by Barcelona's famous Eixample district. It features pattern based on an aerial view of Barcelona’s famous Eixample District and its blocks - the color of the shirt is similar to the colors of the city's rooftops.

Which of the Nike 18-19 third kits is your favorite? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.