Juventus, Liverpool. Man City, Man Utd & More - Teams That Changed Their Original Colors

Juventus is famous for their white and black striped shirts, Manchester City is known for their sky blue shirts, Boca Juniors are recognized for their famous navy / yellow home shirt. However, all of these teams did not wear these colors in the beginning of the club's history. We take a look at the most famous teams that changed their original colors, and some of the throwback kits these clubs released.

Teams That Changed Their Original Colors

Athletic Bilbao & Atletico Madrid

Both Atlético de Madrid and Athletic Bilbao wear red and white stripes jerseys today, and both clubs wore a white and blue half-and-half kit in the first years of their history. But why?

Atlético de Madrid was founded in 1903 by a group of Basque students who wanted to set up a branch of their love team (Athletic de Bilbao) in the capital of Spain and the first name given to them. This new team was that of 'Athletic Club Branch of Madrid'.

Both teams wore the same white and blue half-and-half shirt (directly brought from England and taken from Blackburn Rovers) for a few years, until they had to change kits. A member of the club did not find Blackburn Rovers' kit in England, so he brought a large number of Southampton Football Club jerseys to Spain.

Boca Juniors

Argentinian club Boca Juniors originally wore black and white before they changed to their now famous colors and design. To celebrate the historic colors of the club, Nie released a white and black Boca Juniors kit a few years ago.


Juventus' first kits were not black and white but pink. Juventus had been wearing pink kits from their founding in 1897 until 1903 when the black and white stripes with which Juventus are now intrinsically linked became the home color. The club continued to pay homage to their past every few years by wearing the pink when playing away from home.


Liverpool had been wearing a white and sky blue shirt in the first years of the club (1892-1896). They switched to red shirts in 1896 (first paired with black shorts and then combined with white shorts), while they first appeared in their now famous all red shirt, shorts and socks combination in 1965.

Manchester City

Manchester City sustained their signature sky blue and white kit for the majority of their century-long history. However, their first kit was black and white with a St. George cross. In 1894, the original shirt was retired, and Manchester City started to wear blue tops with white shorts, paired with dark blue socks.

Manchester United

Manchester United was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath, a football club by railway workers in Manchester. Their first kit was white and then the now famous green and yellow.

West Ham United

The 'Clarets' were founded as Thames Ironworks FC in 1895 (Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, a worker's club). Before they would become West Ham United, the club wore black kits.

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