Liverpool Uses Black Pen To Create Provisional Kit For Allison Becker

New Liverpool goalkeeper Allison Becker made his debut for Liverpool in yesterday's pre-season friendly against Napoli. The Brazilian posted a few pictures on Instagram on the day of hid debut, revealing that Liverpool has created the name on his shirt with a black pen.

Allison Becker Provisionally Wears Number 13 Shirt With Name Created Using Black Pen

Allison Becker posted a picture of his shirt a minutes ahead of the match, revealing that the name on his shirt was not printed but painted with a black pen (the number was printed). In fact, on the day of the match, it was announced that Allison Becker will provisionally wear the number 13 shirt with A. Becker. So it seams like that Liverpool was not able to print the name and therefore used a black pen t write the name on his shirt.

Liverpool FC will provide an update when an official squad number has been sorted. The No. 1 shirt is currently occupied by Karius.

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