Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham 2019 Boots Leaked

We can today give you a full look at the upcoming David Beckham Adidas Predator Precision boots, after a while ago info surfaced online stating that Adidas was set to launch several more Predator remakes dedicated to David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

Adidas Predator David Beckham 2019 Jersey & Collection Leaked

Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham - White / Silver / Red

This picture shows the Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham remake boots in white, silver and red.

The Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham soccer boots are predominantly white with silver 3 Stripes on the side and a red collar. The Adidas logo on said collar is also white to match the color of the upper.

This colorway is inspired by the original Predator Precision worn by Beckham when he scored his famous freekick goal against Greece.

Whereas we've seen lots of different Predator Accelerator re-release recently, the Precision was brought back only once, September 2017 in the blue grey colorway.

The official name "Adidas DB Predator Precision", which includes Beckham's initials, suggests that, we might see the iconic Beckham freekick logo placed somewhere on the shoes.

All original Predator Precision colorways - via DLBootroom

Tech-wise, the Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham 2019 boots appear to be more or less identical to the 2017 ones. Closely following the original construction, they have a k-leather upper, a fold-over tongue and rubber control elements. The major difference to the OG Precision is the sole plate, which is taken from modern Adidas boots.

In addition to the Beckham and Zidane Predator remakes, there will also be a Predator 19+ dedicated to both legends releasing at the same time.

Will you look to pick up the new Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham 2019 remake boots? Drop us a line below, and check out the Boot Calendar as well.
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