Is This Even Allowed? Memphis Depay Wears Extremely Low Socks

If you watched the UEFA Nations League match between France and Netherlands this week, you might have wondered about the extremely low socks he wore. Thanks to Footpack for the hint.

Memphis Depay Wears Very Low Socks in France vs Netherlands

Depay's socks in the match against Netherlands were less than half as long as the socks of all players. Even though Memphis Depay wore shin guards under his socks, the question remains if Depay's socks style is conform to FIFA rules.

In fact, FIFA rules state that the shin guards must be made of "rubber, plastic or a similar suitable material" and provide a "reasonable degree of protection" in the opinion of the referee. So in Depay's case it is up to the referee to decide whether his shin guards provide enough protection.

FIFA rules also prescribe that a player's shin guards must be worn under his socks, so that they are completely covered. If a player's socks come down during the game, revealing his shin guards, the referee will ask him to pull his socks back up.

It is not unusual for Depay to wear such low socks, as many of you surely know.

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In fact, there are various other players known for their low socks style. The most famous are Francesco Totti and Paulo Dybala.

Do you know more players who are wearing very low socks? Comment below.