Rangers Already Wore Three Different Versions of 18-19 Away Kit

If you watched yesterday's match between Villarreal and Rangers, you might have noticed that Rangers FC's kit looked a bit different to the one presented earlier this summer... the sponsor logo of the Rangers FC away kit was black without a white background, unlike the kit presented with the 32red logo in red on a white background. Thanks to @ScottishKits for the spot.

In fact, Rangers FC used three different versions of their away kit this season - one featuring 32red's logo in red on a white background, one with 32red's logo in black without a background (and therefore without the Sash interrupted) and one completely sponsorless version.

Rangers Wears Three Different Sponsor Versions Of Hummel 18-19 Sash Kit

Red With White Background (Standard Version)

Sponsorless (against FC Ufa)

Black Sponsor without interrupted Sash (against Villarreal)

Sponsorless, red with white background or black without interrupted Sash? Which version do you like most? Comment below.