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Special-Edition Genoa 125th Anniversary Kit Launched

Genoa CFC, the oldest football club in Italy, celebrates its 125th anniversary with a stunning special-edition jersey. The club was founded as Genoa Cricket and Football Club on September 7th 1893, exactly 125 years ago today.

Genoa 125th Anniversary Kit

This image shows the special-edition Lotto x Genoa 125th anniversary shirt.

The jersey is an instant classic as it combines Genoa's iconic half-and-half design with a retro-inspired cotton effect. It has a tradtional collar and features golden logos. The club's founding date is written below the crest on the left chest.

Blue shorts and blue socks with a red turnover complete the kit.

Based on the same template, the goalkeeper jersey is pale dark green with red and gold.

What are your thoughts on these two special-edition jerseys for Genoa by Lotto? Drop us a line below.