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Stolen From Off-White? Nike FC 2019 Shirt Leaked

Nike will release a new Nike FC collection in early 2019. The new Nike FC 2019 soccer collection includes a special soccer t-shirt that has a similar style as gear created in collaboration between Off-White and Nike in the past.

Nike FC Tee Back Sponsor

Dubbed the Nike FC Tee Back Sponsor, this Nike FC 2019 tee features a plain black front with a Nike tag on the lower bottom left and a big writing on the back.

The text on the back features the motto of Nike FC ( "Sem risco não há vitória" - Without risk there is no victory.) and the writing "Designed for the exact specifications of championship athletes". The style is reminiscent of Off-White shirts.

Nike x Off-White gear released in 2017

The Nike FC shirt is also available in white and black. Both shirts will hit stores in January 2019 for 30 Euro.

What do you think of this special Nike FC tee for 2019? Comment below.