Here Is Which Special 'Socks' Paul Pogba Is Wearing In Training

Pogba shared a video of him doing skills in France's training. The sort video was very popular, and so some asked us about Paul Pogba's special socks worn in France's training.

Paul Pogba Wears BV Sport Compression Sleeves

A closer look at Paul Pogba's socks reveals that he is not wearing special socks but just special compression sleeves for the calves, called Booster Elite Effort Sleeves and made by French company BV Sport.

The BV Sport Effort Sleeves Booster Elite are calf compression sleeves made for better recovery by specific pressures on calves that allow a fast elimination of toxins. It limits the vibrations and the parasites oscillations, it decreases the risk of pain, prevents fatigue and muscular lesions.

Founded in 1998, BV Sport is located in Saint-Etienne, a few minutes from the GEOFFROY GUICHARD Stadium. They brand is most popular for its socks but also produces shirts and other items, all made to boost an athletes' performance.

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In matches, Paul Pogba uses the sleeves of the regular socks with his special Adidas socks that he is also wearing in training.

Paul Pogba is not the only player of the France national team who is wearing BV Sport calf compression sleeves. Olivier Giroud is also using them in training.

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The BV Sport Effort Sleeves Booster Elite retail at a price of 55,50 Euro. The are available in various different colorways, including the France collectors edition worn by Paul Pogba.

Do you know other players who are using these compression sleeves? Comment below.