LEAKED: Puma Trolls German Chancellor Merkel With 2019 Football Kit

In 2019, Puma will release a unique lifestyle football collection. The new Puma FC 2019 collection includes one item that is sure to stir controversy.

In 2013, German chancellor Angela Merkel said that the "The Internet is new territory for all of us" in a conference with back-then US president Barack Obama. The quote quickly became an object of reproach for the German chancellor. The Puma FC 2019 lifestyle jersey refers to Merkel's already infamous slogan.

Puma FC 2019 Lifestyle Jersey - 'Merkel' Edition

A unique style, the Puma FC 2019 lifestyle jersey features a graphic design that recalls if a TV has no signal. The front boasts the Puma lettering with the writing "Dialing in since 48". Puma was founded in 1948.

The left chest boasts a special logo with the writing "8 kbs per second", while the lower left coms with a special badge that carries it (too) far. it features Merkel's famous diamond symbol created with her hands, a wireless symbol colors of the German falg as well as Merkel's "Das Internet ist für uns alle Neuland" (The Internet is new territory for all of us) slogan.

The Puma FC 2019 'Merkel' lifestyle jersey is set to be released in early 2019.

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