Mizuno Rivaldo Wave Cup 2002 World Cup 2018 Remake Boots Released

Thursday, 1 November 2018
Confirming our leak, Japanese brand Mizuno today re-released the Wave Cup soccer cleats, Rivaldo's 2002 World Cup boots.

The Mizuno Wave Cup were originally launched in 2001. In 2002, the year of the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Mizuno released a special signature edition of the boots for Brazilian playmaker Rivaldo. Rivaldo should win the 2002 World Cup with Brazil wearing the boots.

Mizuno Wave Cup Rivaldo 2002 World Cup 2018 Remake Boots

The Mizuno Wave Cup 2002 World Cup 2018 remake football boots feature the same design as the classic boot. The Mizuno Wave Cup are white with Brazil's famous colors blue and yellow colors.

2014 remake

The remake boots feature five stars on the tongue for Brazil's fifth World Cup title won in 2002 (the original boots featured 4 stars).

Tech-wise, the Mizuno Wave Cup 2002 World Cup 2018 remake football boots feature a extremely soft and comfortable kangaroo leather and a traditional tongue, just as the original boot. They come with the famous Mizuno Wave outsole - the outsole has been exactly replicated, featuring Rivaldo's signature stud configuration.

Original boots

Just as the cleat worn by Rivaldo 16 years ago, the Mizuno Wave Cup 2002 World Cup 2018 remake soccer boots are made in Japan.

Mizuno Wave Cup - Tech Features

  • A completely original version of the iconic Mizuno Wave Cup, which was launched in 2002 for the World Cup
  • Full K-Leather upper and Septon outsole recreates the premium feel and high performance of its generation
  • 5th star on the tongue commemorates Brazil’s 2002 World Cup victory
  • Crafted in Japan by hand from the finest Mizuno K-Leather
  • Weight: 230g
  • Price: 260 GBP

The Mizuno Wave Cup 2002 2018 football boots remake will hit stores in limited quantities. The retail price is 260 GBP.

It is not the first time that Mizuno brings back Rivaldo's Wave Cup 2002 football boot - the brand already re-released the boots in 2014. The new boots will differ a bit from the first remake, including he 5 stars on the tongue that were added for the new remake-

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