"The Nike" & Nike Striker - Nike's First-Ever Football Boots | Closer Look

With international fixtures interrupting club football, it is relatively quite in terms of football boots and kits releases these days. We take the opportunity for a closer look at Nike's first steps in the world of football, including the Swoosh's first-ever soccer cleats (eh football boots...), called 'The Nike'.

'The Nike', 1971 - First Football Boot With A Swoosh

Nike's first-ever soccer cleat was released in 1971 and simply called 'The Nike'. 'The Nike' is not something Nike is particularly pride of today and is described by the company as follows.

"Nike began its football journey back in 1971 with the release of “The Nike” football boot, the first shoe to bear the Swoosh. It cost $16.95, didn’t hold up well in cold and wet weather and soon fell by the wayside as Nike focused on running, tennis and basketball footwear. But it was a start."

'The Nike' was not worn by any famous players.

Nike Striker Soccer Cleat, 1976

A few years after the original 'The Nike' football boot, Nike released the Nike Striker football boot. Launched in 1976 the UK only and made in Yougoslavia, the Nike Striker till featured the old Nike swoosh. As almost all football boots of that time and just as Nike's first-ever football boot, the Nike Striker featured an all black leather upper. The tongue comes with the orange Nike Swoosh, typical for Nike's 1970's release.

Nike's should remain an underdog in the world of football until the early 1990s. In the 1994 World Cup, eight of the 22 players wore Nike Tiempo Premier boots, and since then Nike has redefined the look of football boots again and again.

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