STRAPLESS Next-Gen Puma 2019 Goalkeeper Gloves Leaked - Copied From Nike?

Thursday, 11 October 2018
Definitely not inspired by a certain other brand, Puma will launch its own strapless football goalkeeper glove model next year, we can reveal.

Strapless Puma 2019 Goalkeeper Gloves

This image shows the all-new strapless Puma gloves.

The new high-end Puma gloves feature a futuristic design that replaces the traditional strap with a zipper.

The strapless Puma goalkeeper gloves feature 4mm Elite Grip Latex on the palm area, which wraps around the thumb for even more grip in that area.

Design-wise, they are light grey on the outside, with an interesting 3-D structure visible on parts, and red with a dotted pattern on the inside. A red Puma logo on the outside and black trim complete a clean look.

The gloves are set to be launched in mid-2019. Unfortunately, we don't know which price they'll retail at at the moment, but we expect it to be around £100 (approx. €115, $130).

Strapless Nike Gloves

Due to the construction being fairly different and Puma's 'strapless' using a much different closing mechanism, our verdict is that they didn't outright copy Nike's idea, although they might have been inspired by it.

What do you think? Let's hear your thoughts on the new strapless Puma 2019 goalkeeper gloves in the comments down below!
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