Why Juventus Going Half-Half is Shocking

What's the design you associate most with Juventus? Of course it's black and white stripes, although the club initially started in pink.

Everything indicates that next season will mark a revolution for the Juventus kit design, a revolution of similar magnitude at least to what happened a little under two years ago with the introduction of the new logo.

Looking back through Juventus' kit history, the club's home kits have featured black and white stripes for more than 100 years straight (they were solid white from 1897 to '99 and solid pink from 1899 to '03).

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Whereas other iconic shirt designs such as Barcelona's or Bayern's were first altered many years ago, Juventus' had been sacred, until now.

This marks the latest addition to a worrying trend which could be observed in recent years, considering what happened at Inter with the pinstripe design a few years ago, Barcelona with hoops and various gradients, or Manchester United this season.

There is no denying that here exists a risk of losing an important part of a club's identity in order to increase profits in the short term. However tempting it might be for the likes of Adidas and Nike, who pay up to €150m per season to sponsor these teams, they should always remember what made these 'brands' this great in the first place.

Juventus' fans should not simply accept this and make their opinion heard by those in club management, just like Barcelona's members did following the club's decision to introduce a new crest.

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