Did Adidas Steal The Design Of The Juventus EA Sports Kit?

Friday, 30 November 2018
Adidas this week released a special jersey for Italian giants Juventus as part of their collaboration with EA Sports for their four biggest clubs. Now some noticed that the iridescent Adidas x EA Sports Juventus jersey is remarkably similar to a jersey designed by LOSDEJOS for his label Fokohaela.

Adidas x EA Sports Juventus Jersey Stolen From Designer LOSDEJOS and His Fantasy 'Iceman' Kit?

The Adidas x EA Sports Juventus Limited Edition Fourth Jersey features a iridescent design, just as the 'Iceman' kit from LOSDEJOS. LOSDEJOS' jersey is inspired by the nickname of former Arsenal forward Dennis Bergkamp, the Iceman, while Adidas did not reveal what was the inspiration of the Juventus x EA Sports kit.

Did Adidas create the Juventus EA Sports jersey without knowledge of the design of LOSDEJOS? It is possible , but we think that Adidas did not copy the design of the fantasy kit but that is is just a a coincidence.

The Fokohaela Iceman Cometh jersey is available to buy for 79 Euro in Fokohaela's online store. Juventus' Adidas x EA Sports kits retails at a similar price.

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