Stolen From Kappa? Adidas Tango Tap 2019 Collection Revealed

Adidas' new 2019 Tango collection, which is the brand's line of fashionable football apparel, include items that are heavily influenced by the trademark style of iconic 1990s brand Kappa.

The Adidas Tan Tap items were worn by Adidas' players on the promo pictures of the new Adidas 2019 'Initiator Pack' boot collection, and by Paulo Dybala when he launched the Adidas Copa 19+ in Milano on Thursday last week.

Adidas Tan Tape Tango Jacket

Interestingly, this is not only something Adidas is doing, as Nike is preparing to launch very similar products early next year.

The new Adidas Tango 2019 sweater is black with a raglan cut and the Adidas Performance logo on the right chest. An array of 'Tango' icons runs down both sleeves, framed by a thin red stripe on either side.

Adidas Tan Tape Tango Pants

Both in colors and design, the entire aesthetic just screams Kappa 1990s track suits. Since this is really not a line that is driving profits over at Adidas, let's call it a homage.

We hope you enjoyed this article, although there will surely be someone in the comments educating us about the fact that Kappa did not invent this look in the first place.

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