10 Worst Ever Premier League Football Kits

All eyes will be on the Premier League today as all teams will play in today's traditional Boxing Day. We take a look back at the worst Premier League kits in history, only including shirts since the Premier League was introduced in 1992. Thanks to Classic Football Shirts for most of the images.

Our list includes many horrendous kit of the 1990s such as the Man Utd 95-96 away kit and the graphite / tangerine Chelsea 1994-96 away jersey. But there are also some kits of recent history, e.g. the Warrior Liverpool kit of the 13-14 campaign.

Worst 10 Premier League Jerseys In History

10 - Fulham 2010-11 Third Kit

9 - Chelsea 1994-96 Away Kit

8 - Middlesbrough 1996-97 Away Kit

7 - Coventry 1992-94 Away Kit

6 - Blackburn 1996-97 Away Kit

5 - Manchester United 1995-96 Away Kit

4 - Norwich 2016-17 Third Kit

3 - Liverpool 1995-96 Goalkeeper Kit

2 - Nottingham Forest 1995-97 Away Kit

1 - Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit

You can buy many of these kits at Classic Football Shirts, the biggest retailer for classic football kits worldwide. And despite being not the best kits many of those wanted very much - Especially the 1990s kits are already iconic, quite logically

Do you have any other kits in mind that look not great to say the least? Let us know in the comments below.