Classy Liverpool Retro Kit Collection Launched

Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Liverpool FC recently launched a brand-new retro football shirt collection, drawing from the rich history of the late 1980s to early 2000s. Although the jerseys don't feature the correct brand logos (Adidas and Reebok), they try to replicate other key elements of the original shirts.

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1988-89 Away

This shirt is predominantly white and has some gray vertical stripes, as well as thin red lines on the sleeves, in the same color as part of the overlap collar and the Candy logo.

In the 1988-89 season, the Reds won two titles: Community Shield and the FA Cup. In the English Premier League, they were second to Arsenal for the goal difference.

1995-96 Home

This jersey brings the club's traditional red color in two shades, thanks to the vertical stripes scattered throughout the body. The white appears on the V-neck, next to the red, the stripes on the sleeve, and the Carlsberg logo, one of the club's biggest partnerships of all time.

In the season 1995-96, the club did not win any title, but made a good campaign in the Premier League finishing in the third position. The team was marked by a number of great players in the club's history, including Carragher, McManaman, Fowler and Ian Rush.

1996-97 Away

This shirt has the predominant white color, with several figures of liver bird in watermark by the body, round neck high, white, with a fine line in red and black colors, same pattern seen in the cuffs. Carlsberg appears in black.

Another season in which Liverpool have won absolutely nothing, finishing fourth in the Premier League. Perhaps the greatest achievement the team this season was to reveal Michael Owen to the world.

1996-98 Home

The Liverpool 96-98 is mainly red, again featuring a Liver Bird watermark. The polo collar is white with details in red, same pattern of the cuffs. Carlsberg again appears on the front of the shirt.

In addition to the previous one, the season 1997-1998 was another one in which the reds did not conquer a title, but they improved their Premier League rank to third. However, it was this season that Steven Gerrard appeared on the main team.

2001-03 Champions League

The shirt is based on what was used in the Champions League that season. It has the predominant red color, V collar and white cuffs, and the patronage and shield in golden color.

In the season 2001-02, the team managed a good campaign, winning the Community Shield and the European Super Cup. In the Premier League, the Reds were second. In 02-03, the team conquered only the League Cup but didn't do well in the Premier League, finishing in the fifth position.

All of the above and a few more classy Liverpool retro jerseys are available to buy via the official LFC store, retailing at £35 each.

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