Nike 'Victory' 2019 Women's World Cup Boots Pack Launched

Two months after Nike presented their line-up for the 2019 Women's FIFA World Cup in France, the Swoosh officially launched their 2019 Women's World Cup gear. This includes the Nike 'Victory Pack', the Nike's 2019 Women's World Cup collection. The boots will be worn across France this summer in the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Although the boots will not be worn by Nike's male footballers, they are identical in terms of sizing and their shape to regular "men's" colorways.

The 'Victory' 2019 Nike soccer boots collection includes new colorways for all of Nike's four boot silos of 2019 - the Nike Mercurial 360, Phantom VNM, Phantom VSN & Tiempo. It is the last collection that includes the current-gen Nike Mercurial and Nike Tiempo.

Nike 'Victory' 2019 Soccer Cleats Collection - Nike Phantom VNM, Mercurial, Phantom VSN & Tiempo

This image shows the four football boots of the pack.

Each boot in the Nike Victory Pack - the Mercurial, PhantomVSN, PhantomVNM and Tiempo - features a hand-sketched wing pattern of sharp geometric angles, metaphorically intended for multi-faceted players. The Armory Blue hue of the boots is inspired by the prismatic light that passes through the glass and iron pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris (home of the iconic Nike sculpture). The Hyper Crimson accents bring a joyful edge around the Swoosh outline, which creates a copper fleck that flashes when the boot moves through the light.

A small tab on the tongue of each boot features the classic Nike Futura logo and the words “THE GODDESS OF VICTORY.” The sole plates present a subtle iridescent effect, reminiscent of statues as they age.

Nike Mercurial 360

Nike Phantom VNM

Nike Phantom VSN

Nike Tiempo Legend VII

This Nike 'Victory' football boots pack hit stores on May 9 2019.

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