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Why The Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo Kit Is Not Available Almost Everywhere

If you are trying to get a great Christmas gift for this holiday season for a CR7 fan, you might have noticed that it is almost impossible to get the Juventus 2018-19 home kit with Ronaldo printing.

The reason for why most retailers have no Ronaldo jerseys in stock and are therefore not able to sell them is easy. When every retailer ordered their inventory of Juventus jerseys from Adidas, they couldn't know that Ronaldo, probably the world’s most popular player when it comes to merchandising, was suddenly going to transfer to Juventus.

Of course, stores immediately tried to increase their stock of Juventus jerseys and the Ronaldo printing when the transfer was announced. But Adidas isn’t able to produce them fast enough to meet holiday demand, with new Juventus Ronaldo jerseys not available before February 2019.

On Adidas.co.uk appears the message "Sorry R, D is out of stock right now. Please try another letter." if you try to buy the Ronaldo jersey.

In fact, some stores like Kitbag still have Cristiano Ronaldo jerseys, also with Free World Wide delivery. The Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo No. 7 kit is also available in Juventus' online store and seems also be in stock on Adidas' US website, while on Adidas Europe it is not available.

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