Bold Adidas Juventus 2019 Retro Kit Leaked

Yesterday, we reported that Adidas is going to release a special Arsenal retro kit this year. Now Juventus kit freaks La Maglia Bianconera have revealed that Adidas will release a Juventus retro jersey and even made a prediction of the kit.

EXCLUSIVE: Adidas To Release Special Edition Arsenal Retro Kit

Adidas Juventus Long Sleeve Retro Jersey

A bold look for the Bianconera, the Adidas Juventus retro kit is black with big horizontal Three Stripes on the front. It comes with standard Three Stripes on the sleeves and has a classic collar.

The Adidas logo and the Juventus crest are placed on the usual positions.

It is not certain how accurate the leak of La Maglia Bianconera is, but it is safe to assume that the final piece will be close to the draft.

The Juventus Adidas retro shirt will be only available as long sleeve version. It is set to hit stores in late Summer 2019, possibly in August 2019.

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