Strange Online Store Sells Knockoff Football x Fashion Jerseys

Monday, 14 January 2019
If you've been browsing Instagram lately, you might have seen one of their ads. LitElves, a Dutch brand that's been around for several years selling what are essentially knock-off football shirts.

Based on either Nike or Adidas teamwear models, LitElves offers a range of clubs and fashion brands whose logos are then put onto the shirt which is finally sold at a huge markup.

Where the Adidas and Nike teamwear templates they base their shirts on retail at around £10 to £20, the final 'LitElvesFC' shirts are sold at £60.

What LitElves is doing here is basically illegal, which might explain why their football store is not linked on their main website and can only be accessed through the link in their Instagram ads and bio.

They are trying to keep a low profile and appear to have been successful in doing this, since they've been selling these kind of shirts for at least two years.

It's definitely an interesting topic and the likes of Adidas and Nike releasing their most thought-after items in very limited availability is at least partly to blame for the existence of these kind of stores.

Too tacky? Or would you pick up some for yourself? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.
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