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Wrong Color: Venezuela Demands Givova to Re-Do Kit After Quality Issues Emerge

Having left Adidas for small Italian brand Givova, the initial euphoria faded quickly for Venezuela.

During broadcasts of the U-20 South American championships, during which the country's new kits were debuted, viewers immediately noticed that the tone of red on the home shirt is not quite the way it's supposed to.

Whereas Venezuela usually wears maroon shirts, the new Givova creation appears to be way to far into the purple range, which is especially evident when comparing the shirt and shorts color with that of the socks, which are not affected by what seam to be pretty bad quality issues for the brand.

Venezuelan radio reported that the Venezuela football federation already responded to the problems by requesting Givova change the home kit because the "tone of red as well as other aspects" of the design did not "convince" the directors.

It's not entirely up to Venezuela, since it was initially Adidas' decision to not renew, but maybe it would have been a better idea to opt for a more established brand than Givova.

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