More Affordable: Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless DBZZ Boots Leaked

Besides the six different high-tier boots and sneakers, which we already showed you plenty of, the Adidas Predator Icon 25 Year pack will also include a Predator 19.3 Laceless.

Introduced together with the current generation of the Predator in December last year, the Adidas Predator 19.3 offers a more affordable alternative to the 3 Stripes' usually quite pricey laceless football boots, such as the Predator 19+.

Predator Icon 25 Year Pack

Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless DBZZ - Gold Metallic / Collegiate Navy

This is the new Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless 'Beckham Zidane'.

A similar look to the 19+ DBZZ, the Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless DBZZ soccer cleats are predominantly 'gold metallic' with navy being used for the collar, the 3 Stripes and most of the outsole, which otherwise also features red parts.

Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless - Features

  • Laceless sock forefoot
  • Stretchy collar
  • Firm ground outsole
  • Hybrid stud tips
  • Anatomically designed heel
  • Price: €100
  • Release date: February 15, 2019

The 'Beckham Zidane' Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless cleats are set to be launched later this week. They are the only takedown option included in the collection.

Do you like the look of the DBZZ Predator 19.3 Laceless? Comment below.
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