Colorado Rapids 2019 'Black Diamond' Away Kit Released

The Colorado Rapids just launched their new 2019 away uniform, which is dubbed the 'Black Diamond' kit.

The name of the jersey is inspired by ski trail signage, where a black diamond signals the highest difficulty the mountain has to offer. In the words of the club, this signifies a challenge that "will require focus, excellence, preparation, and hard work".

In the winter months, and especially on the ski slopes, a Black Diamond run symbolizes the pinnacle of performance. It requires an elevated level of intensity and is matched only by the boldness and passion of the athletes that choose to tackle these ‘expert’ trails.

Colorado Rapids 2019 Away Kit

This is the new Colorado Rapids 2019 away jersey.

The Colorado Rapids 2019 'Black Diamond' away shirt is predominantly white, which is a "is a nod to the mountain culture and the permanent snowcapped mountains that rise above the Mile High City". It also contrasts neatly to the 2018 home kit, which will got carried over.

The collar on the Colorado Rapids 2019 away kit is silver and the same color is used for the stripes along the sides. Dark red is used for the Adidas logo on the right chest and the Transamerica sponsor on the front of the Colorado Rapids 2019 'Black Diamond' uniform.

The iconic Colorado “C” from the Centennial State flag is visible on the back just below the neck of the Colorado Rapids 2019 away jersey, while the flag itself is embossed on the front above the hem on the left.

White shorts and socks complete the kit.

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