Kit Rules Gone Too Far - Almost All MLS Teams Have a White Kit

Most of the new 2019 MLS kits have been released. They feature bespoke designs by Adidas, something that we appreciate. A bad thing, however, is that there is almost no more color variation in the MLS for one of each team's kits.

A reason for MLS teams having at least one white kit is that they have no third kits. So, in order to avoid kit clashes, Adidas releases white kits for almost all teams. In other US leagues, like the NBA, it is standard that all teams have a light, i.e. white away uniform.

The NHL has a rule that the home team is in dark jerseys and the away team in white.

Columbus Crew, New York City FC and Sporting KC are the only teams without a white jersey, while DC United and Houston Dynamo are yet to release their new 2019 kits.

For their biggest clubs in Europe, Adidas this season released 'almost white', pastel colored away kits. They avoided the white look for Bayern, Man Utd and Juventus.

Would you like MLS teams to release third kits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.