New Beckham & Zidane Boots Coming Soon - How to Spot Fake Predators

With the release of the highly anticipated Beckham and Zidane themed Adidas Predator remakes edging ever closer, many people will find it incredibly difficult to pick up a pair due to limited availability.


And of the boots that will be on offer in the secondary market, many will unfortunately be fakes. Fakes that are getting increasingly challenging to differentiate from the real thing. This brings us to the topic of this post...

Back in November last year, @the_mad_cleater took a closer look at one of those fakes, a Predator Accelerator much like the Zidane edition that will drop later this month, pointing out a number of key differences between fake and original.

1. The fakes have skinnier and less symmetrical stripes ///

2. The studs on the real pair have a circle on the bottom of them

3. The heel on the real pair is more rounded, the adidas logo is centered, and the "predator" engraving is smaller and has a matte finish

4. The material in the inside of the fakes is bulky and does not have the tight suede feeling of the authentic pair

5. The insole on the fake pair doesn't fit perfectly to the sole which makes it curl outwards

6. The tongue on the authentic black pair is completely red whereas the fake black pair (not shown here) is black on the inside of the boot

7. The soleplate on the fakes are much more glossy and has many more air bubbles

Although this of course might differ from one fake to another, these are the things to look out for when shopping for limited-edition boots on places like Ebay.

Will you try your luck at picking up a pair of the upcoming Adidas Predator remakes this month? Were you ever tricked into buying a fake pair of a limited boot or sneaker? Comment below.