Worst Kit Idea Of The Year? German Club Releases Special 'Bratwurst vs Currywurst' Kit

German fourth division club FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt will play a friendly against 2. Bundesliga club 1. FC Union Berlin on 20 March. For this purpose, the RW Erfurt released a special-edition jersey.

Special-Edition Rot-Weiß Erfurt "Bratwurst against Currywurst" Kit

This is the special "Bratwurst against Currywurst" RW Erfurt kit.

RW Erfurt will play the friendly with special white and red Erima jerseys under the motto "Bratwurst against Currywurst" - a yellow mustard stain and a red ketchup stain adorn the shirt. With the campaign, the people of Erfurt are alluding to the regional grill specialties of both teams.

The front and the sleeves boast various sponsor logos.

The jersey that was specially designed for the test game is not only unique on the front. On the back there will be the player nicknames instead of the surnames. Andis Shala, for example, will be known as the "Mc Bighead", his storm colleague Tobias Hasse as the "Hasseröder".

The SE Rot-Weiß Erfurt kit retails at a price of 65 Euro, plus 15 Euro for the names and numbers.

RW Erfurt 18-19 Kits

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