1986 World Cup Poster Inspired | Stunning Adidas Glitch Number Skin Boots Released

Adidas today revealed a stunning new skin for the interchangeable Adidas Glitch football boot. Dubbed the 'Numberskin', the new Adidas Glitch skin takes its inspiration from the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Thanks to Footpack for most of the pictures.

Adidas Glitch 2.0 Numberskin

The already 58th skin of th Adidas Glitch football boot is inspired by the Mexico 1986 World Cup and a stylish 1986 World Cup poster in particular.

The Adidas Glitch Numberskin boasts the famous colors of Mexico (green, white and red) and a stunning all-over print consisting of the number 86 in the same style as seen on the 1986 Mexico World Cup poster. It is both a classic yet outstanding design. The Three Stripes are neon green.

Tech-wise, the latest skin is the same as all previous synthetic releases of the Adidas Glitch 2.0 soccer boot. The Adidas Glitch 2.0 consists of a inner shoe that has to be combined with an outer skin - the boot itself features a laceless, lightweight design for speed without distractions. A Turf outer skin is also available.

The new Adidas Glitch 2.0 Numberskin is already available in the Adidas Glitch app. As always, the Glitch App is the only place to get them.

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