More Than 1,600 Likes & 100 Retweets But... This Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Away Kit Is Just A Concept

An image showing off an Adidas Arsenal 2019-2020 away kit is going big on social media this evening. We want to clarify things...

Adidas Arsenal 2019-2020 Bruised Banana Concept Jersey By Gabriele Graziano

The image does not show a leak but a concept by Italian design student @GG_DSGN that he created using a mock-up of @PARDOSPORTPY. It is the same template that was previously already used for a few other 'fake kit leaks'.

The real Adidas Arsenal 2019-20 away kit will also feature the 'Bruised Banana' look but has not been leaked yet.

Confirmed? Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Away Kit to Bring Back 'Bruised Banana

The above Arsenal 19-20 home kit is also a fake.

Leaked 'Thing of Beauty

Do you look forward to see the actual Adidas Arsenal 2019-2020 away kit? Let us know in the comments below.