Jerome Boateng Wears Extremely Odd Double Socks Style

Wednesday, 6 March 2019
If you watched some of FC Bayern München's recent Bundesliga matches, you might have noticed that Jerome Boateng was wearing an odd socks style.

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Jerome Boateng Wears One and A Half Socks On Each Leg

The reason for Boateng's socks looking strange is that Jerome Boateng did not wear just one pair of socks but one and a half socks on each leg - he wore the regular socks with a half cut sock on top of that.

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In fact, the reason for Boateng using this style might be that his socks style offers the knee more freedom of motion than if it would a single sock.

Boateng also cut the sock on the bottom in order to use Anti-Slip socks, most likely TruSox.

Jerome Boateng has been using this extraordinary socks style in all of Bayern's matches in 2019.

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