Leaked: Adidas 19-20 Kits To Feature Strange New Shorts 3 Stripes?

Four days ago, the first official pictures of the Adidas Mexico 2019 Gold Cup jersey have been leaked. The pictures do not only confirm the black Mexico home kit for the Gold Cup, but they also reveal a new stripes positioning on the shorts.

Black Adidas Mexico 2019 Gold Cup Kit Leaked

Adidas 2019-20 Kits To Feature 3 Stripes Only On Back Of Shorts Horizontally?

As it can be seen on the pictures of the black Adidas Mexico 2019 Gold Cup uniform, the 3 Stripes appear horizontally on the back of the shorts. This is new style for Adidas. There are no Three Stripes on the front.

It is likely that we will see the new 3 Stripes shorts style for many of next season's Adidas kits, even though nothing is confirmed yet.

Adidas Entrada kit with Three Stripes horizontally on shorts 360°

The last time we saw a new 3 Stripes positioning by Adidas was in late 2015 when the brand released their first EURO 2016 kits.The style was used a lot in the 2016-2017 season and has been seen on Adidas kits until today.

Do you like this 3 Stripes shorts style? Would you like next season's Adidas kits to feature the new positioning of the Three Stripes? Let us know in the comments below.