Next-Gen Mizuno Rebula 3 2019 Boots Revealed

The third generation of the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat has been leaked. Called the Mizuno Rebula 3, the next-generation Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats will be headlined by Honda and Okazaki. All pictures how the standard version that is made in Indonesia.

The first-generation Mizuno Rebula football boots was released in July 2017. Replacing the Mizuno Wave Ignitus, the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats are made for players who want the comfort of kangaroo leather while having a lightweight boot with modern technologies. They are available as Made in Japan (premium) and Made in Indonesia (standard) editions.

The next-generation Mizuno Rebula 3 soccer cleats were released as part of the new Mizuno Inazuma collection, which also includes a new paint job for the Mizuno Morelia Neo II.

Next-Generation Mizuno Rebula 3 Soccer Boots

The next-generation Mizuno Rebula 3 football boots feature a similar design as the previous generations. The Mizuno Runbird on the outstep is more classic and has been attached differently, which gives the boot a more premium feel.

Old-gen boots

Two colorways of the boots have been released once - the white / black / blue main paint job as well as a striking electricity / blue paint job.

Tech-wise, the third-gen Mizuno Rebula 3 soccer cleats are an evolution of the second generation - They have the same concept as the first two generations with only slight changes. The Mizuno Rebula 3 football boots are made for control and comfort while being lightweight for speed.

The Mizuno Rebula 3 are again crafted with the finest kangaroo leather while being equipped with new technologies. They have foam skeleton called the CT Frame, which shapes around the foot. The D-Flex Groove technology on the outsole allows the Rebula 3 football boots to be flexible and stable where it is needed exactly.

An important difference is that the mesh stretch tongue of the second generation is gone (was designed to offer a seamless fit) . They come with a synthetic thin tongue.

The next-generation Mizuno Rebula 3 football boots are set to be launched on June 14 in Japan. The boot is again available in two high-end versions - The Made In Japan edition is again the premium version, while the Made in Indonesia version are the standard premium edition (called Mizuno Rebula 3 Elite).

Mizuno will also release a blue / white colorway of the boots this year. The colorway had been already leaked some weeks ago.

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