"Pope's Gloves" Here Is Which Goalkeeper Gloves Schalke's Nübel & Various Other Bundesliga Keepers Are Wearing

Sunday, 14 April 2019
If you watched a match of Schalke 04 or Fortuna Düsseldorf in the German Bundesliga recently, you might have wondered about the gloves the keepers of these teams (Alexander Nübel & Michale Rensing) are wearing. We find out all about the goalkeeper gloves of them, which are called POPE´s Goalkeeper Gloves.

POPE´s is a small German brand specialized in keeper gloves. The brand was founded by goalkeeper fanatic Christoph Nowak ('goalkeeper pope') some years ago. Many German goalkeeper are wearing POPE´s gloves.

POPE's logo

POPE´s Goalkeeper Gloves - Worn By Nübel, Rensing & Other Bundesliga Goalkeepers

The POPE´s Goalkeeper Gloves are made for no nonsense - they come without unneeded elements and features. The useless features would make "other gloves unnecessarily expensive", whereas POPE´s goalkeeper gloves are made a a result of a passion for the product and the game.

The main POPE´s Goalkeeper Gloves model is called POPE´s Captor Pure. The POPE´s Captor Pure feature a simple and traditional design. They have a "4mm Magic Grip Foam", a 'Simple-Fixed Entry' with a traditional wrap system and Latex elements where needed for stability and support.

The POPE´s goalkeeper gloves retail at a price of 60 Euro, which is less than other brands want for their high-end gloves. They are exclusively available in a few different colorways via the brand's online store.

What do you think of the POPE´s Goalkeeper Gloves? Let us know in the comments below.
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