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Champions League Final Boots | Next-Gen Puma Future Netfit 'Anthem Pack' 2019 Launch Boots Released

We are able to show you the next generation of the Puma Future Netfit soccer cleats. Part of the Puma 'Anthem Pack', the next-generation Puma Future Netfit is called Puma Future Netfit 4.1 and set to be debuted in the 2019 UEFA Champions League final.

The next-generation Puma Future boot is called Puma Future Netfit 4.1, with the 4 indicating the fourth generation of the cleats and the 1 the top-tier model. for The previous next-generation boot was called Puma Future Netfit 19.1 (released just six months ago in January). The fifth-gen Puma Future Netfit soccer is set to be released in January 2020 and will be called Puma Future 20.1. Quite strange...

Puma Future 4.1 'Anthem Pack' - Silver / Red

This picture shows the Puma Future 'Anthem Pack' edition.

A stunning look for the launch edition, the next-generation Puma Future 4.1 'Anthem Pack' football boots are silver with red brandings and applications. The upper boasts a modern red and silver design created by dying the grooves of the upper.

Tech-wise, the next-generation Puma Future 4.1 soccer cleats are almost the same as the previous generation, Puma Future 19.1. The difference are slightly changes that have been made to the upper, while the sole plates of both boots are identical.

Puma Future 4.1 Netfit 'Anthem Pack' - Features

  • Form-fitting textile upper with updated shape and new extra layers for more ball control
  • Knitted sock for snug ankle fit
  • Netfit lacing system for multiple lacing options and optimal fit
  • Lightweight Pebax outsole with mix of conical and bladed studs
  • Price: USD 220 (EUR 200, GBP 170)
  • Release date: 1 June 2019

The launch paint job of the Puma Future Netfit 4.1.4 soccer cleat will be launched on June 1 2019 as part of the 'Anthem Pack' for the same price as the current generation - USD 220 (EUR 200, GBP 170).

Do you like the next-gen Puma Future 4.1 Netfit soccer cleats launch paint job? Comment below.