"Rembrandtball" - 2019-20 Eredivisie Ball Unveiled

The new Eredivisie 2019-2020 football was presented this morning by football icon Willem van Hanegem at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Celebrating 'The Year of Rembrandt', the ball was designed using etchings by the Dutch master.

Derbystar Eredivisie 19-20 Ball

This is the new ball for the Eredivisie, made by Derbystar.

Made by Derbystar, the ball is predominantly white and features the same base design as this season's Derbystar balls for the Eredivisie and Bundesliga. Several etchings by Rembrandt appear on some of the panels, including a portrait of the artist.

According to Taco Dibbits (director of the Rijksmuseum), the choice of Rembrandt as 'designer' of the ball is a nice addition to the activities within 'The Year of Rembrandt'. Football and Rembrandt may be a surprising combination, but Dibbits sees an important similarity: "Rembrandt was an artist, just like the best players in the Eredivisie. Exceptional creativity is required both on the football pitch and on a canvas to become the best.

Although it will primarily be used in the upcoming 2019-2020 season, we will see the new 'Rembrandtball' debuted in the penultimate round of this season's Eredivisie, on April 28.

Do you like the look of the 2019-20 Eredivisie football by Derbystar and Rembrandt? Comment below.